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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by nesuser2, Jul 29, 2010.

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    I live in the PC world for the most part, running windows/linux servers for companies. So for the most part when I go home, i've always had a windows pc there. A couple years back I moved to a macbook, or at least in a hobbyist kind of way..I like to use it for videos, pics, etc...but when I do any programming, remote access to systems, etc..i've always stuck with my pc for whatever reason.

    SO, in an effort to push myself more towards the mac I bought a used imac that I've cleared real estate for on my desk. I've read a little about this synergy app but didn't find a lot of success stories just searching the forum. I have a keyboard and everything for the mac but would like to just have my one keyboard and mouse on the desk and I can go back and forth as needed, kind of like a kvm...minus the v :)

    I used vnc at one point to connect to my macbook when I didn't have enough desk space for all my equipment and I can certainly was slow on the local network and slower across the internet, unacceptably slow!

    Anyways, if anybody has done much remote control on a mac then let me know. On my windows computers I've fallen in love with remote desktop and it's speed but haven't quite found anything for the mac. O...and that wouldn't let me use my 20" screen on my imac so this synergy sounds like the ticket, but i'm curious what others might be doing.
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    Jul 26, 2010
    Hey, sorry to bump such an old thread. But I made a youtube video demonstrating synergy and a link to help set it up.

    Pictures at the bottom help with what settings you need to use to make it work.
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    Have you played anymore with Synergy, I am having a hard time understand how to configure anything other then the basics of it.

    My configuration is a little odd... lol

    .............PC-Screen4 | Mac-Screen2
    ....PC-Screen2 | PC-Screen1 | PC-Screen3 | Mac-Screen1

    (I had to use dots to show where the screens actually are, the forum page kept sliding everything left)

    I cant figure out how to get Macscreen 2 to work correctly. where if I go up from PC-Screen1 or 2 it goes to MacScreen2.

    Any ideas?

    Just to clarify, I have a PC with 4 screens, and a mac with 2

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    TeamViewer works with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Ubuntu, iPhone, iPad, etc.

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