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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by cschmelz, Jul 4, 2012.

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    So I have a pre-Thunderbolt iMac that still does a pretty good job, though I'm planning on upgrading once the 2012 update shows up (and hits refurb!) so I can get an internal SSD for system speed and Thunderbolt (and I assume USB 3.0).

    I'm building a big media database of movies (streaming it to my ATV2 and 3) which is exceeding my storage capability. I also have a huge database of photos going back years which I do have a backup of (2tb time machine drive externally and a second backup in the gun safe).

    What I'm considering is going all out and getting a Synology DS1512+ and setting up a 1 or 2 disk redundant RAID 5 array. I could run it over USB 2 for now then upgrade to USB 3 speeds once the new iMac comes out and setting it up probably with 4 drives initially, probably back irreplaceable stuff (photos, videos of my father) using the apps from Synology to Crashplan as well.

    Any thoughts on this setup? I considered Drobo but their products just don't seem that fast, versus the Synology 1512 which appears to be a rocket ship by comparison and much more future proof (with ATOM processor, 1gb of expandable RAM, etc)
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    The Synology is a network only device. Your speed accessing it will be limited to your LAN speed. Wired connections are much better. I'm using a 1511+ and get about 90-100 MB/s read/write.


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    I have recently done very much the same thing. Although I opted for the DS212+ (a lower specification model) my film and photo collection is still in its early stages.

    The only issue I currently have with using the NAS as a local and wide area network is simply the current speed limitation I have with my LAN, everything but the LAN is running at about 100mbits. My advice would be to use gigabit connections where possible between the router and any high-speed wireless points. Currently I'm relying on a single BT home hub which is not suitable for streaming content such as blu-ray quality movies.

    I plan to buy a new router and wire most of the property with gigabit connections shortly, whilst running Airport Express stations at the 5GHz band. This should hopefully increase my read and write speeds significantly. So my advice to you is make sure your LAN is able to support the speed of the NAS otherwise you will not achieve those read/write speeds.
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    Thanks for the comments.

    Most of my network is all in a single room. I have my router (actually have a Peplink Balance 20 fed by 2 WAN connections (5mb down/512k up DSL and 6mb down/3mb up wireless point to point) which then feeds my main iMac. I use an iPad, AppleTV 3 and MacBook Air for various wireless tasks but a majority of the heavy lifting takes place from the iMac 27" (video encoding, photo stuff, etc).

    The connection from where the Synology would be to the WAN and to the iMac is gigabit. The rest of the network is 2.4 and 5ghz 802.11N.

    Should I then go with the 1512+ or am I going to be disappointed? Better to wait for the new Thunderbolt/SSD capable 5 bay Drobo?

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