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May 25, 2010
Ohio, USA
I adore my nice, quiet, surprisingly fast and energy efficient synology NAS. It's great with airplay and a godsend for a rMBP owner with only 256 gb of onboard storage. The only thing it hasn't done well is openVPN. (it's just terrible)

So I'm looking at all my email addresses and thinking "I only really use 1 of them. the others are just humorous alternatives should one of them get hacked into." Since most are gmail servers, and hence lack push support, I am wondering how the synology email service works. Do any of you have experience?

I've read there were bugs that turned disk stations with that package installed into spambots. Has that been fixed? What about using it with a dynamic IP? does it support push? How are spam controls?

I like gmail, but the idea of taking my email out of the cloud and hosting it at home is very appealing.


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Feb 13, 2011
Baltimore, Maryland
If it's appealing because you like dealing with frustration and the idea of probably working around the terms and conditions of your internet provider then you should give it a shot. I say that in good spirit as it sounds a lot like stuff I have tried in the past!

Easier in the long-run would be to pay for a domain name ($12/year or less) and some sort of push-enabled email service to host it (Google @ $50/year or Office 365 @ $48/year).

More and more of the small businesses I deal with are shutting down their old on-site email hosting and moving to the cloud.


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May 3, 2009
You'll have to consider a backup strategy and fail-over. What happens if something happens with your mail server but you don't notice it for a couple of weeks?

Its not a bad idea, but you have a few hoops to jump through because if dynamic IP addresses, availability, monitoring and backups.

Generally speaking, I think an email service, via a webhost or specific email service is more convenient then trying to manage it yourself.
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