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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Norskman, Feb 26, 2013.

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    Any of my fellow Mac users with the Synology DS1512+ NAS?

    I've had this since right before Christmas and I love the unit. I have filled it with 5 x WD 3TB RED NAS drives. The NAS is connected to an Airport Extreme which is connected to another Airport Extreme via Ethernet. The whole network is Gigabit.

    What speeds do you usually see during transferring?

    I'm currently using this NAS for Time Machine backups and collecting all my files on the NAS. When copying to and from the NAS I can barely reach 20 MB/sec which seems to be pretty low for this NAS on a wired network.
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    0. Really gigabit? No way there is a 100Mbps switch somewhere in between ;-)?

    1. Cables?

    2. SMB or AFP? Use AFP.

    3. Do you use encryption on your NAS? Then the speed is ok...
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    Looks like you found my culprit. Even though I'm using 5Ghz wireless and the rest are wired together with quality cables and no 100mbit switches in sight I can't beat this limit.

    I did some experiments and wired directly into the same Airport Extreme the NAS is connected to and was getting 100 MB/s easily.

    I'm using AFP but heard there were speed issues with AFP as well. Apparently the new 4.2 DSM improves the AFP speeds dramatically so maybe that will help, but your link suggests I'm looking at hardware limitations by using the Airport devices.


    I came across your Amazon review, even wrote a comment on it. Your review is great and what you're doing is exactly what I plan on doing. I have been toying with the idea of getting the Drobo 5D connected with Thunderbolt to an iMac for storage and then set up backup to the 1512+ NAS.

    Do you use link aggregation on your Synology? I know only certain routers and switches support it.


    I use Synology Hybrid Raid with 1-disk fault tolerance.


    1. I bought bulk cable from Monoprice along with connectors and made the cables myself. Went with the better cable to help with speeds.

    2. AFP

    3. No encryption
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    I've got two 1812s and 2 1512s

    you can get 60-70 MB/s OFF of the synology

    I've gotten as much as 120 writing to the synology

    I have a cisco enterprise gigabit switch that has LAG enabled for the two interfaces on each device, cat6, and I'm using AFP

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