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    Jun 28, 2009

    Title: iSR/Synth Racing
    Developer: Race to the Moon
    Genre: Arcade Racing
    Release: Available Now (link)
    Price: $.99
    Official Sites:
    iSR (SynthRacing) on Twitter
    Race to the Moon (racetothemoon) on Twitter
    Race to the Moon LLC

    Feature List:
    - Excellent Control
    - Smooth Frame Rate
    - A Fresh Racing Experience
    - Completely Addictive
    - Crazy Beautiful Psychedelic Color Changes
    - Speed Mode (only 'pre-season' mode made available by the Commission)
    - Barrel Roll, Tilt, and Retro-Boost Control Features
    - Three Obstacle Courses, One ‘Practice’ Course
    - Music and Sound FX (coming soon!)
    - Play your own music in the mean time through iTunes
    - An Evolving Universe...
    - Many updates to come!

    Video Teaser:
    YouTube - iSR

    A new racing league has been formed.
    The iSR.

    Taking place on a virtual stage, spectators are already logging on from all around the galaxy to catch their first glimpse of the 'race grounds' and what is promising to be one of the fastest sports yet created. Speed runs are rumored to already be cracking the 400 km/h barrier.

    Get your skills up now, because when the season starts, everything counts for real.

    Speed Mode (Section 0Z)
    In efforts to give pilots a chance to condition their reflexes. The SRC, or 'Synth Racing Commission', has opened a couple ‘test’ sections of the first iSR Race Center called ‘Section 0Z’ [zeer-oh Zed].

    The rules set up for the test are as follows.
    - Vehicles launch at 100 km/h.
    - Gradually, Velocity increases at a rate of 2 km/s.
    - Sessions last a default of 60 seconds (but can be increased..)
    - Flying through ‘Arrow’ pick-ups to increase time (and get a slight speed boost!)
    - So long as no obstacles are hit, crafts continue to increase their Speed.
    - Hitting an obstacle slows the vehicle for a brief moment before it rockets back to Speed
    - Use Barrel Rolls and Tilts to help navigate the Course.
    - A Retro-Booster can also be triggered to slow the craft and help in difficult situations.

    Version Updates:
    Version 1.001 -- Release build

    Special note to
    As a new poster to this forum I wanted to take an extra second to say 'Hello!' and 'Thank You!' for allowing me this opportunity to shamelessly plug my latest work.. :D

    So with that, I wanted to offer a bit of gift from Race to the Moon to the MacRumors forum. That being two (2) slots in our 'Beta Participant' program. From time-to-time we at RttM like to send early versions of our games to people. Not only is it helpful to us to get the feedback, but in some small way we feel it's cool to be able to hand out pre-release versions of our games to a select few.

    Since these slots are valuable we don't just want to hand them out. However, we were thinking of having a little bit of a competition.

    What's the Challenge?
    Synth Racing is a game that's all about Speed. As such, it seems only fitting that the two 'Beta' spots go to those who are able to record the fastest speed. There are currently three tracks in iSR but this challenge is only going to be for 'Track 03'.

    How to submit?
    At the end of each race a results screen is shown.

    Here lists your Top speed, Fastest lap, and Distance Traveled.

    When you've achieved a time you think will hold up, take a screen shot and post it in this thread. To take a screen shot, hold down the iPhone's power button and tap the home button, a white flash should follow. After that attach your device and grab the picture out of the '999Apple' directory.

    When to submit by?
    The cut off for submission is Sunday, July 5th 11:00pm PST

    Go Fast!
  2. Khryz macrumors 6502a

    Jan 7, 2007
    Just bought! I love speed, and the competition thing is fun too.

    One thing though, why would anyone post a screenshot of their times before the last day? I personally would keep playing and playing and checking this thread and if I see a new high score I will not submit it yet and wait until the end.

    Maybe PM'ing you would be better?
  3. mrWalrus thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jun 28, 2009

    First off, Thanks! :D

    Secondly, That's a good idea about PM'ing me. However I want everyone to be able to see the scores so people are aware who has what speeds and know nobody is cheating.

    Perhaps we can do a combo of the two? Feel free to PM, or even email (, me the screens (I've got my spreadsheet to record everything ready!). If you email me the screens at the above address please just mention that this is for the 'MacRumors Beta Competition'.

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