System Lens - Simple resource management for your Mac.

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    Mar 11, 2012
    Hi all,

    We've just released a new app in the Mac App Store called System Lens.

    System Lens is a simple resource management app that shows you all of the apps using resources and allows you to end them with one click.

    Think of it as an on-demand and actionable version of Activity Monitor, sitting right in the Menu Bar.

    If you've ever wondered what was causing your fan to spin up, your battery to drain faster, or your Mac to slow down-- check out System Lens, it'll let you know in a click.

    Check out the Mac App Store link here.

    Check out the promo website here.

    Here's the full description:

    System Lens is a beautiful way to quickly manage resource usage on your Mac.

    ✓ Easily check your system usage at a glance from the status bar.
    ✓ See which applications are heavily using resources.
    ✓ Quickly end programs you no longer want running.
    ✓ Highly customizable.

    Heavy resource usage can sometimes cause your Mac to get warmer, slower and sometimes even cause your battery to drain faster.

    System Lens sits quietly in your Menu Bar and periodically updates itself to display the amount of resources being used by your Mac.

    Click on the Menu Bar icon to bring up the System Lens panel which sorts all of your running applications by their amount of resource usage. From here, you can decide which applications you don't need open anymore and close them right from the Menu Bar. (Just make sure you save first!)

    System Lens is also feature packed: set filters, custom usage thresholds, customize your results and more!

    Learn more at





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