System Preferences Trashed - where now?


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Aug 1, 2010

Whilst my mate was trying to look at the mac debating whether to purchase a mac, I left him alone to then come back to a red face and I think I have deleted some stuff!!??

I have since found the system preferences icon has a no entry type sign over it and it says that it may have been deleted etc. and wont open at all. I have tried all ways of getting into it with no joy.

Can anybody help, I am new to macs so no expert so answers in laymans terms please, much appreciated - I just hope I don't have to loose my data....


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Jul 20, 2010
PA and/or NYC
backing up all your data and reinstalling mac os x with the disc that came with your computer would definitely help. i'm not sure it's that big a problem though, can you find out any more specifics about what your friend did?
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