System Profiler Edit/Hack to allow a homemade charger?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Th3.V1ru5, Jul 17, 2014.

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    Ok, My buddy and I created a battery-powered homemade charger for a Macbook pro.
    We created our own "Magsafe" connection (trying to not use any of apple's hardware) that just has the pins touching the correct connections on the Macbook.

    I know in Apple's magsafe there is a 1-wire chip that controls the LED's and sends the Macbook the serial number, wattage, model etc of the charger. Obviously our charger does not have a serial number or anything like that to tell the computer what it is, so the Macbook wont allow it to charge the batteries, it only allows it to power the computer.

    I was wondering if there is a way to hack System Profiler by entering in legitimate charger info(serial wattage, family etc...) into the Charger Info section on System Profiler to allow a homemade charger to charge a Macbook instead of just power it.

    -Thanks, Zack
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    I doubt that any software fix can work around this; after all, the computer can usually charge while completely shut down.
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    Unlikely, since the information about what charger is attached is provided by a chip in the plug itself.

    You're more likely to get this to work by using a legitimate Apple connector that has been salvaged from a broken charger.

    The charger goes through a step up after the MBP detects what type of charger is connected. This is a hardware function of the charging system and is unlikely to be something you can affect with anything at the OS level.
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