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I've had my Macbook Pro for about a month now. In that time, I've pretty much adapted to my first non-Windows (XP) environment!

I installed (and soon removed) some supposedly helpful apps like "CleanMyDrive" (for external HDDs) and "Memory Clean". Figured they weren't dire requirements.

But having been a long time Windows user, I am used to having deep "cleaner" apps (e.g.: Registry Cleaner, CCleaner, TuneUp Utilities, etc.) and they've helped - to an extent - in keeping the machine clutter free (yes, the saved space does help, I guess).

Moving onto the Mac, I'd like to know if applications like CleanMyMac or Disk Doctor or OnyX (haven't read good reviews for that one, though!) will be required. Yes, I have read that a Mac is built to "take care of itself", but could you folks please advice whether such utilities make a difference on the Mac like they do on a PC?

Thank you. :)


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May 3, 2009
Cleaner apps are not needed, you can clean up the files on your own. Other utilities that purport to keep OSX running fast are also not necessary, OSX is great at managing its resources


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Thank you for your prompt response! Noted.

Here's what prompted me to ask that question in the first place - having used this machine for the past month, I noticed that it was taking an extra second or two to boot up (for e.g., the bunch icons on the top right - wifi, volume, battery, etc. - now need an additional 5-10 seconds to show up).

No, I do not have OCD :p - but figured I'd ask and find out. :eek:

Thanks again!
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