System won't update to newset OS

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by darkloki, May 17, 2017.

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    Guys I'm somewhat stumped on how to update my system. I know this sounds like a noob question, but I'll download the update and the system won't actually install the update and I'm quite lost on how to force my system to revert to the newest OS. My system isn't that old I'm not sure of the model number but it's the 27inch with the Nvidia 750m GT and I'm like 3-4 OS behind.

    Again I just wanna know how to force it to update, Thanks.
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    Mmmm, 27inch MacPro, I'm not familiar with that model.o_O

    Maybe this question would be better off posted in the iMac forum?
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    Did you download the full macOS Sierra installer from the App Store? Specific details on what exactly you tried, and what exact model of computer and the exact operating system you're currently using would be very useful for others to help you.
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    Any error messages when you try to install the update? There are many things that could cause it to fail. We'll need a little more information.

    Let's start with the obvious and work backwards from there. Run SMART Utility to check the HDD SMART. If it passes, hard-drive's OK and we'll go through additional troubleshooting steps. Otherwise if there's a warning/failing, HDD will need to be replaced so no point even looking towards doing the update until that's resolved.

    SU can be downloaded here:
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    Don't know any 27" Mac in any series has GT 750M. From memory, it only been used on the 2013 21.5" model.

    This model should accept any OS upgrade from Mavericks all the way to Sierra.

    Anyway, with the contradicting info and lack of details, it's really hard to help. But you may have better luck if you post on the iMac or MacOS forum.

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