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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by karatekidk, Nov 15, 2013.

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    Hi everyone. I have been using a no-frill T-Mobile prepaid dumb phone on their "pay as you go" plan and really want to get myself an iPhone. I am fine with T-Mobile and don't like any contracts, so I am looking at their $30 plan. I am wondering if any of you could answer my questions... I did check some threads on this forum and T-Mo's Q & A section, but seems like people say different things...

    No-contract iPhones are really expensive, so at this point I'd prefer to buy an unlocked iPhone 5 off craigslist and get a T-Mobile nano sim.

    If I do it,
    1) Can I be on their $30/month plan?
    2) Can I transfer my current phone #?

    Thank you for your time, and I'd appreciate your help!
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    I believe the answers to both are:
    Yes and
    (I have one of their 2 $30mo. pre-pd. plans. It's great)
    They won't know where or how you acquired your phone - and I don't see why they'd care
    Here's a link to the web page I used to determine the plan I would opt for:


    Update: I just clicked on the link I provided above. They've added a restriction to one of the $30 plans that didn't exist back in Sept. I still think you can do what you're aiming for.
    I have the 1500 free minutes plan with 30MB text. Nothing has changed w. regard to that plan. Even back then -it did require activation at local store. Why don't you call your local store - tell them exactly what you aim to do and confirm they will do it for you. It looks (accodinbg to the web page) like the other $30 plan can be activated online.
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    I appreciate your post. Per your suggestion, I just called a local T-Mobile store and asked about the deal. He said he cannot give that $30 plan at any local stores - I have do it either online or buy a sim at Wal-Mart. Even so, he wasn't sure if I could transfer the T-Mo phone# I currently have because the deal is basically only for new activations/customers.

    Hope to hear from other people's experience. Thank you.

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