T-Mobile Customer Pre-Ordering Verizon iPhone X

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by iPhone Xcited, Sep 13, 2017.

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    iPhone Xcited

    Sep 13, 2017
    Hello all,

    I plan on purchasing the iPhone X full price from the Apple Store app when pre-orders open on October 27th. The thing is, I am currently a T-Mobile customer. I wanted to purchase the Verizon iPhone X (Model A1865) so as to have maximum carrier compatibility.

    I've read that some people needed their Verizon account info to complete the purchase process? Is that true or is that because they chose to pay with a monthly payment plan? Again, I plan to purchase it full price. Is there such a step in the pre-order process come midnight that would bar me from completing the purchase?

    Thank you in advance.
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    I just tested this in the app for purchasing an iPhone 7 and it does ask you for account details when selecting Sprint or Verizon.

    Is there any chance Apple will update the listing with a SIM-free version for pre-order (like the 8/8 Plus)? Or will we have to wait a month or so like before?
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    You have to have a Verizon account, or purchase a SIM free model when it becomes available.
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    I thought if you pay in full then they won't ask for your Verizon account. At least that was what I experienced last time at Apple Store.
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    Sep 13, 2017
    At the physical store, yes. I'm talking about the Apple Store app / Apple.com.

    Speaking of the physical store buying experience, have you purchased day one before? Did you line up or were you able to walk in? I might just do that if it doesn't involve camping out for days. :D
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    You need to have credentials to purchase Verizon through the app. Period.

    If you don't have a Verizon account, they don't want you doing exactly what you're planning on doing. Once the pre-order hype dies down you can always walk in and buy one (next year), but if you must pre-order you are going to need account credentials.

    It's always been that way (for pre-orders at least)
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    And to be fair, Verizon customers are only allotted so many iPhones for pre-order, so if a certain amount were sold to NON-Verizon account holders just because they want CDMA bands (with no intention of ever using Verizon service), it would hurt their customer base.

    After there is plenty of supply it won't matter, but for now it absolutely does. They want the phones going to their paying customers, not T-Mobile's.
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    If you aren't interested in lining up for days, forget waiting in line for an X.

    If they have more than a handful at each store (for launch day sale) it'll be shocking. If you desperately need one on the 3rd, better hope you can pre-order right at 12:00:01AM.

    My hunch is it'll be a lot like the Apple Watch launch: No matter how fast you order, you'll get a range (like November 3rd - December 5th). Those ranges will then start slipping instantly. The beauty of ranges is it will also buy Apple time, and the ability to tapdance around the fact that only 1% or less of their customers will get one on the actual "launch day". Just look at the Apple Watch launch threads for reference. It allowed them to take pre-orders because people got to "hope" they would get it on the earliest day in the range, and then when it didn't happen they didn't mislead anyone (technically).

    It will be mass hysteria, as evidently all previous years iPhones will stop functioning at 12:01AM on 11/3 (unless you have an X) so being patient this year will NOT be an option.... #sarcasm
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    What do you mean by maximum carrier compatibility? Is there some restriction on the T-Mobile version?

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