Carrier T-Mobile Free 200mb - Question for post-paid account users


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Feb 27, 2014
if you have a T-Mobile cell phone plan already and associate your ipad with your account, you get 200MB high speed data free per month and it will fall back to unlimited 2G data for the rest of the month.

On the other hand, if you have no other relationship with T-Mobile and merely put a TMO SIM in your ipad you get 200MB free high speed data per month and it is supposed to cut you off when you reach the limit.

Make more sense now?
Can anyone verify the above information regarding T-Mobile's free 200mb for post-paid account users? When I called T-Mobile (several times to get answers from different reps), the reps all said that you only get throttled data with the 500mb plan, not the free 200mb plan. They said regardless if you are pre-paid or post-paid, there is no unlimited, slow data once the 200mb are used. I assume the data will just cut-off at 200mb even though my free 200mb is post-paid and attached to my t-Mobile voice account. But if deeddawg is right, then that would be fantastic!

Can any post-paid free 200mb users chime in? Thanks!


Nov 15, 2007
I have tried the free 200mb data plan and it cuts off when I reach 200. It stays that way until the next monthly cycle begins. Hope this answers your question.


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May 31, 2007
Florida, USA
You don't need any sort of plan at all. Just go into a T-Mobile store and ask about it. You have to pay $10 for a sim card, but that's it. You can even pay in cash and not provide your credit card! 200MB of data available per month, no questions asked.

I got this because it seemed like a nice backup for my AT&T service while traveling. Though I've never had a real problem with AT&T it was still fun to set it up and try it out.


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Feb 27, 2014
I already set up the 200mb free data as post-paid (not pre-paid) 2 weeks ago, since i already have a voice account with T-Mobile. It works beautifully. I know you do not need an existing account with T-Mobile to get the free 200mb. You either set it up as pre-paid (not linked to existing T-Mobile account) or post-paid (linked to existing T-Mobile account). My question was whether DeedDawg was correct or incorrect about throttling after the free 200mb are up with post-paid set up.

Baypharm, did you set your free 200mb up as pre-paid or post-paid? If post-paid, then your post confirms what i thought. That the data cuts off at 200mb and there is NO throttling. I just want to know if what DeedDawg said is right or wrong regarding post-paid. Thanks!
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Jun 14, 2010
I just want to know if what DeedDawg said is right or wrong regarding post-paid. Thanks!
I hadn't looked in a while; after determining that TMO has no service at one of my company offices I no longer was considering switching.

My understanding came from (a) posts by others here, (b) T-mobile site. At one point you could get a 0GB Simple Choice plan for $10/mo with a $10 discount for having a voice plan. Net effect was you had the free 200MB every tablet gets plus unlimited 2G service.

It now appears TMO is no long advertising the 0GB Simple Choice plan. This appears to be a change since I'd last looked into this, so I may stand corrected.

On the other hand, have a look at and specifically the "Can I get free data without being on a Simple Choice monthly plan?" section which refers to a "$0 MRC On Demand rate plan".

Either way it's not worth a whole lot of fuss. 200MB / month free or $10/mo for 500MB (and supposedly you still get the additional 200MB?).