T-Mobile Hotspots?

Kenny Pollock

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Aug 26, 2003
Hollywood, FL
I own a T-Mobile MDA, and a plan that gives me Hotspot access. Does anyone know the username/password values offhand, (user is phone number pass is phone number) or something like that, or do I need to call T-Mobile and ask?

Now, with my new MacBook, I want to goto the local Starbucks and use the T-Mobile Hotspot, but I have no experience with it. Do I need a special application? I thought only wireless networks used passwords, but if I'm correct the Hotspot wants a user and pass...



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Nov 8, 2003
T-Mobile hotspots work differently than standard networks. You connect to their SSID and when you try to open Safari and browse to a page it automatically redirects you to the T-Mobile sign-up page to sign up for service. Yes, it's a user name and password.


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Mar 24, 2006
i just used a t-mobile hotspot the other day at a starbucks, in my mind they're a waiste of money unless you really use them a LOT. where its at is to pay get a bluetooth phone and get an internet service through your cell phone provider, then you can just bluetooth to your phone a connect away from anywhere at anytime. alltel does this, and the connection speed with their towers is like dsl speed. other wireless providers will have different speeds b/c of the signal technology they are using, but again only worth the money if you use it and abuse it.

but yea, just make sure your airport is on and open safari or firefox, type in the username a password and go. i think if you're ever using a pc to connect to a t-mob. hotspot you have to download a program (starbucks also has this program available on a disk laying around the store somewhere on a rack), but for macs no program needed, but then again i dont think you do need to program if youre using a pc, cause my friend has a HP and i dont think he installed whatever it was they said he needed.


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Jan 16, 2005
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You don't have to install any software to use it (PC, Mac, or PDA), but you do need the authentication information that they gave you when you signed up for the unlimited hotspot service. The MDA includes a "manager" for hot spot access, but feel free to uninstall it. You don't need it to use the hotspots, and it takes up precious memory on the unit.

If you're not a T-Mobile customer and don't have an Internet plan, it costs around 10 cents a minute at Starbucks, last time I checked. Airports are usually hourly or daily.