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    Sep 16, 2008
    I have had T-Mobile for about a year and a half and it has been great. Currently using in our family on an iPhone 6s, 6, and two 5s phones.

    Anyway, I also just signed up the family for the Apple Music Family Plan a few days ago so any of us can then stream music outside of the house as much as we want. However, per testing on my iPhone, I am seeing a fair amount of data being used. Today is the last day of my billing cycle and just yesterday I went from 2.5 GB used to 3.01 GB used. The only thing I had done differently than my previous habits was to stream music driving to and from work and a little bit at work.

    This morning I ran a couple of metered tests and unless my data usage numbers are not up to date, I think i know the issue (and wanted to check with other T-Mobile/Apple Music users). When streaming for 1 hour playing an "Apple Music Radio Station", I don't see any data used. But streaming for an hour playing an "Apple Music Playlist", I used 253 MB of data. I ensured that I did not download the playlist for offline use.

    Not thrilled if this is how "Music Freedom" actually works with Apple Music. It is advertised as free streaming music and Apple Music has a library of like 30 million songs that I should be able to search and play anytime with no data hit. But from my limited test, it seems only limited to be free for the Radio streaming.

    Anyone else with T-Mobile Music Freedom observe this as well when using Apple Music? Thanks!
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    Sep 1, 2015
    I just got off the phone with T-Mobile about this and it should *not* be counting against your data. But there is a bug (on Apple's side apparently) that's causing confusion with how the streaming data is identified to T-Mobile, which is causing T-Mo to charge you for the data. Call T-Mobile and let them know you're having this issue. They gave me 10GB of extra data to tide me over until it's fixed.
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    Thanks. Not sure if you are the same person, but in a thread on the actual T-Mobile forums, looks like they may have this fixed later tonight.


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