T-Mobile Partners With Apple to Launch iPhone and iPad Leasing Program for Businesses

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    T-Mobile today launched a new iPhone and iPad leasing program for businesses in partnership with Apple's Financial Services.


    Under the program, qualifying business accounts activating 25 or more lines with T-Mobile can lease iPhone and iPad models with no upfront costs, and lower monthly installments versus purchasing the devices outright.

    By leasing instead of owning, businesses pay only for their usage of the devices, with the option to upgrade to the latest models each year.

    For example, businesses can get an iPhone 8 for as low as $18 per month. Paired with unlimited talk, text, and data through T-Mobile ONE for $25 per month, the monthly out of pocket cost is as low as $43 per line.

    In addition, while purchasing devices upfront or through a financing plan is a capital expenditure, leasing devices over 24 months through Apple can move the cost to an operating expense for financial flexibility.

    For a limited time, T-Mobile says it will cover the first $100 of every iPhone and iPad leased through the program. Businesses can sign up for the program, and learn more, on T-Mobile's enterprise website.

    Article Link: T-Mobile Partners With Apple to Launch iPhone and iPad Leasing Program for Businesses
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    Jul 10, 2008
    Not that great of a deal for businesses. A business is in a better place to write off the expense of a phone, making this offer less attractive to them than an individual. With the typical business phone cycle, this "deal" becomes even less attractive.
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    Wasn’t there a data breach the last time these two companies collaborated?
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    There was, but that shouldn’t stop them from collaborating. Instead, they should make sure something like that doesn’t happen again.
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    I keep wishing T-Mob’s coverage was solid in my area. As is, no dice.
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    Sep 15, 2015
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    It may be attractive depending on the amortization of depreciation on phones.
    This is why a lot of companies lease equipment, it becomes fully deductable in year one.
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    My employer does not provide an option for an iPhone 8 or X. The only option for a work phone are iPhone 7, iPhone SE or Samsung Galaxy S8.

    My employer is a multinational corporation. They issue the phone, but the only options are the three above. We do, however, have the option of Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile for service.

    As I mentioned, my employer is a multinational corporation. I do not know what options are available for employees in other countries.

    A friend of mine was just issued a new Samsung Galaxy S7 for a work phone. The phone has specialized software loaded onto it for her to do her job.

    We use Blackberry's suite of applications for e-mail, instant messaging, calendar and contacts on our phones. The Blackberry applications sync with the exchange servers for our Outlook e-mail.

    I'm sure there are companies that do issue their employees the latest and greatest devices. However, I know of two cases, cited above, that do not.

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