Carrier T-mobile prepaid speed cap?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by weslsew, Oct 5, 2015.

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    I wanted to try out T-Mobile on my new unlocked 6s, and it seemed from online that the prepaid plans include lte data, but capped to 8Mb/s. I went to a store on Friday to ask for the best option to try out the service, and asked if they had a prepaid plan with uncapped lte speed, and the guy told me they did. He said the $50 prepaid with 3GB included uncapped lte speed. Well my phone has only been getting speeds of around 9Mb/s, and after going back and looking online, it seems the guy was wrong. Is it true that T-Mobile has no prepaid plans with uncapped lte speed? If not, am I screwed since the prepaid plans are nonrefundable? Can I upgrade my prepaid plan to a regular plan without paying again?
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    Simply Prepaid accounts are limited to 8 Mbps. But the $30 UL Data & Int Text (5GB at 4G) plan available at Walmart and online is not. Although it only includes 100 minutes. My latest SpeedTest result from Minnesota:

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    This is the plan I've been using since switching from AT&T in April 2013. The plan is incredible for what it offers (data-centric, limited minutes than pay as you need). It is truly the perfect plan for me and I don't think I'll ever give it up. Combined with Vonage the minutes aren't even an issue at this point.

    I wasn't surely if this plan was getting speed-capped for newer customers and grandfathering in existing ones.

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