Carrier T-Mobile Sim Free 200MB with Apple Music??

Discussion in 'iPad' started by iPad Retina, Aug 22, 2015.

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    hello I'm planning on getting a sim from T-Mobile for my iPhone 6 plus the free 200MB and activate it on my 4th gen iPad with LTE, I've heard it works on both so I'm planning on trying it. Will Apple music be unlimited with the 200MB plan? And I've heard mixed answers with the data being really unlimited, just gets slower when you hit the limit. Is that true?
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    let me explain this.

    the free plan : the free plan gives you 200 mb of free data once the data is exhausted, you lose all cellular connectivity until the next month or if you pay for data. this does not give you music freedom. this is a great plan for finding your lost iPad! as long as you restrict everything else to wifi!

    a PAID prepaid plan. once the data is exhausted, your speeds will slow down until you either buy more data or the next month. this gives you full access to music freedom, as long as you use the apps for the 38 music partners , the music will not affect your plan. this does not give you access to t-mobile's data stash feature. if you have any FREE DATA (200 mb for sure ) it will be burned up listening to music, after that supply is exhausted the music freedom kicks in. once you use up all data, you still get full access to music freedom and speed tests, just like a phone. you also get LTE data access in the canada and mexico at no extra charge. music freedom while roaming is not guaranteed to be safe from draining your iPad

    a PAID postpaid plan. if you sign up for the post paid plan, meaning you pay at the end of the month you get everything i mentioned in prepaid plus you get data stash. so any unused data goes to the bank at the end of the month. you also get 10 gb of free lte data.

    if you activate a sim card using the iPad you are a prepaid customer.
    if you want a post paid plan then you need to take your iPad to the store and tell them you want to sign up for a post paid plan

    prepaids and postpaid are basically the same price. its just with prepaid its a fixed amount and with a post paid plan you have to pay the same price but with tax, the actual data you get is the same on prepaid or post paid. adding a line to your account would make it post paid, i think

    the prepaid iPad plan that t-mobile offers is the only iPad plan in the united states from any company (AT&T sprint verizon etc) that i am aware of that slows down when your data is exhausted. all the other iPad plans i believe you lose access if you are prepaid, and if you are post paid, they just charge you for the overages.. if I'm wrong, please correct me

    all plans should come with hot spot enabled you don't have to pay for hotspot like you do with other companies

    one final note about hotspot. technically you are supposed to get music freedom with hotspot, but i have no clue on how to actually do this, so it won't affect your data. all i know is the apps have to be running on the device with the sim installed.
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    Isn't it data for life? I've heard people say that.

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