T-Mobile South Florida?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by macjoshua, Jun 16, 2017.

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    Moving to Fort Lauderale in a few weeks, and wondered if anyone has experience with T-Mobile in that area. I currently have Verizon, with no complaints other than it being way more expensive than T-Mobile - which is why I'm considering switching.
  2. democracyrules, Jun 16, 2017
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    Before you switch, be aware that TMobile network has signal limitations or no signal inside building due to weak or lack of building penetrations. TMobile offers cheap price because they have many limitations and offer great service on a small service portions of Verizon and ATT offer. TMobile offers many perks to compensate their subscribers for any inconvenience the subscribers experience.

    Also, it is better to ask your trusted friends and coworkers about your question as they are better sources than any commenters here, including myself. I do not work for Verizon or ATT. I used to be TMobile subscriber but changed to Verizon due to many inconveniences I found with TMobile especially building penetration issues and lack of coverage outside metropolitan area.
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    Dont listen to the above poster, he posts the same things against Tmobile every time the topic comes up.
    Stop paying an arm and a leg for Verizon thinking that's the only carrier that has good service.
    Find out what the local area coverage is and data speeds in the place you will relocate to and places that you frequent the most.
    Also you have 30 days to try out and port out if you're not satisfied with service.
    Many people take advantage of Tmobiles great offers and way better monthly rates with goverment taxes and fees included now.
    I switched over 2 years ago and I should have done it way sooner. Coverage and data speeds are fantastic.
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    T-Mobile is awesome in South Florida, especially post paid with less throttling. On prepaid and MVNO still manageable, but less good. I think you will have a good experience.

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