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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ilovemyibook, Sep 29, 2015.

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    This is going to be a very dumb question but I can't seem to get a straight answer from searching Google or the T-Mobile store. Yesterday, I became a T-Mobile customer. My wife and I have the iPhone 6s and we have the unlimited data plan. The guy at the store said that I shouldn't be throttled if I stay at around 40 gig per billing cycle. I read an article online and it said it was 21 gig. I then read another article and it said that you are fine as long as you don't tether. So what's fact and what's fiction?
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    21 GB is what they state in their fine print, but they don't always enforce it. So you're at risk of being throttled anywhere over 21 GB, but you may not get throttled at all. It just depends on whether the network is under heavy load in your area.

    As far as tethering goes, T-Mo has separate plans/options specifically for tethering, so I'd imagine if they suspect you're tethering they're more likely to not just throttle you, but also to warn you that you are breaking their TOS. I believe some of their unlimited plans have tethering options included, you'll have to check on that.

    If you're not moving massive amounts of data, a little tethering may go unnoticed. If you're downloading the entire contents of the Library of Congress through your mobile data plan, they're more likely to notice.
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    Gotcha. Yeah, I won't be an a****** to the other customers by torrenting 24/7. I would rarely tether (I'm going to get a hotspot and I know they cap you at 7 gig before you get throttled and I'm fine with that). I was more or less worried about getting throttled on my actual phone. It sucks living in an area with no way to get any kind of proper Internet.

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