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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ennui84, May 3, 2009.

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    I hope this is the right section of the forum to post this in:

    I have a question for my fellow T-Mobile users. When calling a number in your fave5, does it come out of that or your whenever minutes? I've read other posts that say they do and in some that they don't.

    What data plan do you guys use for the iPhone? I currently have my Blackberry data, but have been told that I would need a different one.

    One last one, do IM apps run in the background? I've heard yes and no on this question. On the BB, Gtalk will stay on in the background and will let me know when I have a new IM. Does the iPhone do that too?

    Thanks for taking the time to read my post (and hopefully provide me with some answers) ;)
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    1) Your 5 faves must be set online, but will work fine with the iPhone. Any calls made to your non-5faves will come from your anytime minutes, otherwise you will get unlimited calls to your 5 designated numbers (NOT contacts).

    2) with the blackberry you have BIS. Since you're talking about tmobile, I'm assuming you're planning on jailbreaking. You can go with tmobiles total Internet for smartphones, or you can jailbreak and use the 5.99 tzones; there's a hack in the bigboss repository. They are the same (slow) edge speed.

    3) currently IM apps DO NOT run inthe background. There are SMS workarounds until 3.0, which will bring push to things like aim, etc, but it will depend on the software and the developer after 3.0 is finally out as to when they roll out push apps for IM.
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    Apr 30, 2009
    Not even IM+? I've been looking around and that one looks good.
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    Not a single application is allowed to run in the background.

    If you jailbreak, however (since you have t-mobile I assume you are), you can download backgrounder which can make any application run in the background.

    But officially, not a single application can run in the background. IM+, BeeJive, AIM, Palringo, and MobileChat kind of get around that by keeping you signed into the services such as AIM, MSN, GTalk, etc. As people IM you, the server stores all the IMs until you open up the program again where it gets all the messages. IM+ and BeeJive have a system where they'll email/SMS you every time you receive an IM. This is better than background because it doesn't use battery and you get a notification when you get an IM. The only downside is that going back into the program takes as long as starting it up since it technically exits.
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    No app store IM app has background updating in a true sense (including IM+) -- the feature that would allow for it has not been made available by Apple yet (Google iPhone push notifications for the details). Some of them do have workarounds...typically they work by having you create a new e-mail account on a server that can handle push or something loosely like push (like IMAP IDLE) and then you get e-mails in this account when IMs are sent to you while the program is not running, and then you launch the app to see and respond to the IM....
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    I wouldn't change your data if you still have the $20 plan. Now the cheapest is $9.99 with a 50mb cap. If you go over they bump you to the $25 plan.

    And you don't need a hack, just set your APN to epc.tmobile.com

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