T8 Screws that Hold Stand on iMac

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by solidgoldmini, Sep 3, 2006.

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    Hello all!

    I have a Rev. B iMac G5, and the accompanying iMac G5 VESA mount adapter. I have previously wall mounted the iMac, then went back to the stand (I like to change things up once in a while) and last night I wanted to re-wall mount it. Unfortunately, what should have been 5 minutes turned into a few hours, a few broken tools, and a trip to Home Depot. One of the seven T8 screws that hold the computer onto the stand would not budge despite my best efforts, and those of a few screwdrivers and even a diamond tipped Dremel bit. I finally got it out, and now I wanted to know if it's possible to order/get/procure from somewhere a replacement set of those 7 T8 screws. I tried Apple but their system's being updated and they can't answer me, and I would really like to know if it's possible to get the screws from somewhere. I can't find anything on the net, and I can't believe no one has ever had this problem. I barely tightened that sucker last time, and for some reason, it did not want to come out. Anyone know? :confused:
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    Do I understand you right that you're looking for 7 T8 screws?

    If so, a quick froogle search turned up this sketchy website.

    You also might want to give McFeely's a try?
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    If you have an apple store near you, the Genius bar may be able to provide you with some.

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