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May 28, 2002
I switched to Macintosh when I was in college. Right as 10.1 was released I purchased a 733 digital audio, made the transformation. When I graduated college I purchased a brand new 17” 1st gen and have been very happy with it… until recently.

For months now I’ve been contemplating the purchase of a tablet. I’m not talking about one of those half-assed, convertible, breaks in half, keyboard tablets that weigh 6 lbs. I’m talking about the real deal, no more keyboard, no more mouse, pen only. I’m talking about a life transforming slate tablet.

I wasn’t ready to jump back into the Windows pool yet though. I mean god… why would I? The viral infections, the pop ups, the complete idiocy and lack of pride… suffering through ever day having to look at this Bill Gates ********.

However, about 2 weeks ago I made a spontaneous purchase on eBay. $560 got me a viewsonic v1100 slate tablet. The unit features an 866 P3, 256 of pc133, a 20gb hard drive and an 802.11b internal. Slow, yes. Little space, yes. A little heavier (3.9lbs) than I would like, yes… but that’s about where the complaints end.

You see, most nights when I get home I sit down at the kitchen table and pull my powerbook out. Two hours later I’m still browsing the web and chilling, but I’m still at the kitchen table. It might be because it’s a 17” and sitting anywhere else isn’t as comfortable... or even capable, but still. It’s a laptop, my options are limited, due to space, typing, folding, opening... all that stuff.

Last night though (after I installed 16 security updates and service pack 2) I was laying on my back on the couch. I downloaded itunes and was browsing the music store. Laying on my back I could reach over and grab the tablet, sitting it on my chest I could write an IM (haven’t gotten into dictation yet). Cursive, capitals, lower case, mixed bag. The hand writing gets it all, for the most part. iTunes no problem, IM cool, I’ve got street atlas with a BT receiver for the car… god, it is Windows but damn, it’s so nice.

The web browsing in my bed, the itunes controller, setting it down, picking it up, standing in the kitchen holding it as my GF cooks and looking to see what movies are playing. For a technology nerd, its life changing.

The hardware end of it is a lot like the Mac OS software end. What Mac OS X is and represents in operating systems, reliability and ease of use... this tablet is to hardware. It’s really a system that works well in my life, instead of having to adapt my life to use it. I only need my hands to use this.. No surface or lap… which means I don’t have to be sitting or standing next to something. I am mobile with the internet and with enough screen to actually DO stuff.

I wish Apple would realize this and produce a 10”, g4 based tablet/wireless controller for airtunes and itunes, the internet… because I hate using windows, but it’s truly too amazing not to use.

It’s very likely that my 17” powerbook will get sold and t3, that I’ll buy a desktop for video editing and the hardcore stuff I need to do… but this machine (or a new, lighter, faster, more spacious one) will replace my laptop. It’ll go with me to the hotels and airports and I think it’s going to connect me in a way that nothing else ever has.

Many of you have probably not tried a tablet, or at least a newer one. Many of you might not have the change to throw into a machine as just an experiment… but take my word. There’s still a ways to go with these machines, but I think it’s very likely they’re the future of personal computers.
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