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Sep 18, 2007
Hey all...

I have a fair amount of experience jailbreaking throughout the years but have not done it for quite some time. I'm a little confused and just need a little guidance.

There are a few jailbreaks out, it seems but I was wondering if the Taig jailbreak is:

1. Safe/stable
2. Untethered
3. Works on iPhone 6s plus 10.0.2 (according to the website it does)

Any basic input would be appreciated.

I don't need a tutorial, just some advice on the safest best bet. I'll figure out the how to on my own.



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Jan 12, 2013
Portland, OR
There has been no real TaigG jailbreak since iOS 8.4. Anything out there for iOS 9 or 10 is fake and should be stayed away from. The only current real jailbreak for your device is the Yalu jailbreak stated above.

That's true for TaigG, but there is a stable untethered Pangu JB for 9, 9.0.2, 9.0.1 only. I have had it on my 6S+ on 9.0.2 for over a year now ;)
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