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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by apatel87, Jan 8, 2013.

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    Hi I have a general wireless network as part of my apartment complex that is shared over the entire apartment complex. It works well independently with my separate devices but I have a NAS that I would like to get on my own network and my computer and iOS device does not see my Apple TV on the same network even though it is for Airplay. I have an Airport Extreme and I want to capture the current wireless signal and create my own network. This will allow me to connect my NAS to my devices and allow me to Airplay. I can extend a network but I do not think this is the same as creating my own network. Thanks! Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Use a wireless access point and feed the ethernet cable to the wan port of the airport. Set up your own network on the airport and no one outside can see any of the devices on your network. Make sure the channels you use for wifi aren't used nearby.
  3. takeshi74, Jan 9, 2013
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    Addressed above but you need two wireless devices. One needs to be a "client" on your apartment's network. The other acts as the access point for your own network.
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    There are a couple of routers that will accept 'WiFi as WAN' and turn public into a private net, otherwise you need a second access point/router.

    Cradlepoint CBR400 does this, & the now obsolete Linksys WTR54GS (not WRT!).

    I believe in both cases that WiFi speed drops to a lower throughput.
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    Thanks for all of the advice. I decided to buy this device http://www.engadget.com/2013/02/14/satechi-releases-mini-router-repeater/
    as it will allow me to create a client but then I run into another problem. The network I am creating into mine has a generic SSID and password and then when i open my browser I am prompted to enter my email and password. If I do not enter that information when i open the browser the network will not work. With that said how i can enter that information when I trying to create a wireless client with the above device? thanks!
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    Do you actually have the device yet? I'm curious as to whether the login page just pops up when you connect your laptop wirelessly. Given that it was reviewed as useful for hotel rooms I would think it should operate that way.
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    Hi Jkolo, I do not have the device yet since I did not want to buy it unless I knew it would work but I guess you are right that most hotels have a login page while the SSID has not password. I might just bite the bullet and try. What do you think

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