Take G4 to the UK?


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Dec 29, 2003

I'm thinking about moving to the UK. Wondering if I can take my G4.
Of course, right now it's running at 120V, with a 3 prong North American cord.

What do I need to change about my G4 to take it over and use it there?

How are monitor prices over there (19" or bigger / lcd/ 1280x1024 or higher / non apple)?

Side note: I'm actually looking for work in either the UK, California, NY, or Toronto. If any of you are in the business in any of those cities and would be up for a discussion (I won't bug you for a job) that would be great. I'm looking for work and information on the scene in the places I don't live. I'm a Canadian and British Citizen with two films with a producer / director background. Please PM me if you want to know more.


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Apr 25, 2005
You can run the Mac using a simple plug adaptor. Something like this should work. As for 19" monitors, expect to pay a lot more than in the US or Canada (that goes for pretty much everything in the UK - it's frequently close to the same price in pounds as it is in dollars!). Places like Amazon are generally the cheapest to get electronic goods in the UK. You can get a monitor that meets your specs for around £120 ($240).



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Jan 21, 2007
Most things are more expensive here in the UK, which is why the tabloid newspapers have coined the phrase 'rip off britain' :mad:

Don't forget the exchange rate is not really in your favour either at the moment. I think it's nearly $2:£1? (As an example, a quick check reveals that at this exchange rate a 20" ACD would cost ~$800 compared to $600 in the US)


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Jul 31, 2007
I wouldn't bother coming to England this country is on a slippery slope down hill and is far too expensive for just about anything. I'd head to Cali, what an amazing place wish i could be back there right now as it's just started to rain again.

That's another point we don't even get real weather in this country. It's either cold and wet or hot and wet. Forget seeing snow again. all we get is about an inch if your lucky and that will shut down most of the country.

On a serious note with the cost of living constantly rising and the increase in wages not coming close to matching that it is a pretty rubbish country.