Take ur mind off Leopard for a minute, and help me with this!


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Sep 22, 2007
kathmandu, nepal
Enough leopard jeez lueeze! instead tell me how to do this on a new mbp setup:

* end to end color calibration of my screen, scanner, and printer *

Looking for a tut that takes me through the entire process, not omitting any steps (ie. printer dialog). the whole sheebang. The end goals is to be able to scan a photo, manipulate the photo in PS, and then print the results in accurate color.

here is what i got: Canon Lide 35 scanner, new MBP, external SyncMaster 720b lcd, Photoshop CS3, Canon i905D color inkjet. All hardware is working great. Here is what i did so far:

I used colorsync to create a monitor profile for the mbp and the external monitor to match the colors between those two. nice.

so i scan a photo just using the default settings from the scanner driver. looks pretty darn close there (the original and the scan on screen). then i print using these settings to get the closest colors to original:

but it's off a bit. looks too blue overall...greens are lost.

Well, thanks for taking your time out from Leopard to help me here:D
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