Taking over payments. Can I transfer?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by BBQ BOY, Apr 23, 2011.

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    My brother bought a new 15" i5 MBP about 2 months ago. This was his first Apple computer and he doesn't like it. He knows I need a laptop and he wants a iPad2. He offered to give it to me(AppleCare, loaded with software such as parallel and other great stuff) if I assume the payments for a year. No big deal. I can make a $198 payment easier than I can fork out $3K at once.
    Anyway, can I have the computer registered in my name? If I call AppleCare it will show that it is his. When I turn on the computer it will have his name and not mine. I guess all of the registration stuff can be changed within the computer?
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    Yes, you can simply call Apple to change the registration to your name, but that's not really critical. AppleCare and warranty follows the Mac, not the user, so it doesn't matter who the user is. You can also change the user name on the Mac or create a new account with your name.

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