Taking pictures of the screen?


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Dec 21, 2005
This is about film photography...

Will there be any kind of inteference from taking pics of a computer monitor on 35mm film at 400 iso, black and white? Or will it record it just as the eye sees it? Also will the image on the screen be flattened when the film is exposed, or if the image looks like it has volume that will be maintained on the film as well? Basically I want to take a picture of a picture on the computer monitor and I wonder how the image quality will hold up.



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Jun 22, 2006
serpent said:
I believe you have to match the shutter speed to the monitors refresh rate.
The shutter speed can only be as fast as the refresh rate. So if the refresh rate is 60hz, you can take a photo at 1/60 or slower to get the full screen image. Just make sure nothing is moving on the screen or you will get subject blur.