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Discussion in 'macOS' started by HawaiiMacAddict, Mar 21, 2008.

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    Aloha everyone,

    I get email from COSTCO in which they advertise their latest specials. Imagine my surprise, when at first glance I saw what appeared to be an Apple laptop!. When I saw that it was actually a Dell, I got a little angry at the obvious deception they are trying to pull over our heads. Even their monitor resembles an Apple Cinema Display! Take a look at the screen and tell me what OS they're imitating there.


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    1. Ad departments pick backgrounds at their discretion. You'll see this everywhere; 'tis no big deal.

    2. The ACD uses the same panel as the Dell; there are only so many ways the frame around that panel will look.
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    yeah that monitor is a low rez entry level glossy display so it doesnt match up to the Cinema Displays. at least it offers a webcam though!

    dell have copied or used Tiger's aqua blue wallpaper for a while. hey get with it Dell Apple doesnt even use the aqua wallpapers anymore! pfff!

    Dell's design team and other OEMs will always be behind Apple's Design Team.

    nope that display uses a glossy low rez TN panel which is OK for people who looks at pictures in emails and surf the web. not good for professionals and gamers. youre thinking of the Ultrasharps which use the same TFT panel as the Cinema Displays.
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    You're right; I meant the Ultrasharps.
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    PC World UK uses Panther.

    No big deal.

    They're attractive, generic backgrounds. The Windows XP hills are boring because everyone's seen them.

    It's like how people use Macs in ads. I've seen White, G5-style iMacs used in a Diet Coke advert, Macs used in a Kellogs advert and an eMac used in a mouth ulcer advert, lol. Apple is attractive.
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