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    It has come to my understanding that since the release of iOS 6, that custom ringtones in third-party apps is no longer supported. Hence why Talkatone doesn't allow custom ringtones anymore. I was wondering, however, if there is a hack or jailbreak-related workaround for this. Anybody know?
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    Well, if you can jailbreak (iOS 6.1.2 or less) you can use iFile to access the filesystem. I imagine you could go into the Talkatone app and add a few sound files. I'd have to take a look myself to see how they set it up, but it might be possible.

    Other than jailbreaking, I don't see any way you could do this. There's an app for Mac that lets you partially access non-jailbroken iPhones but I'm not sure you can do anything with the app.

    EDIT: Hmm…there's a ringtones folder inside the app folder itself. I placed a wav file in there and also in the app folder itself, but Talkatone didn't see it. The default ringtones are .caff files (AIFF) so I may try later with an AIFF file and see what happens.

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