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Aug 16, 2004
Hello, I have moved to a non cable area, so where I had no problems with NTL Broadband and my Airport Express I am now totally confused!

I have Talktalk broadband which has a Speedtouch 330 ADSL modem plugged into my ibook by usb (I'm on OSX 10.4) and I now realise that the USB on my Airport express is only for a printer.

OK so I think I need to buy a new ethernet modem which will plug into the phone socket microfilter thingy and straight into my aiport express. I have looked on the apple website and netgear adsl dg834 is £119, but £45 on amazon. Is that what I need to get?

Finally do I have to ask Talk Talk if it will work with them or does ADSL mean it will?

Sorry if I am being thick, NTL was so simple!

Once you've been wireless you cant go back!



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You should be fine with that Netgear although if you want to keep your wireless network set up with the Express, you could just find an ethernet ADSL modem ( used to sell them) which should be cheaper than a wifi adsl router.

And no, you shouldn't have to tell Talktalk to make it work.


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Jan 2, 2006
Northern Ireland, UK
Ethernet router


An ethernet router will work fine and you don't have to tell NTL. I started out with a Speedtouch 330 modem on an iBook. I had never had a kernel panic (just over 2 years use) until I attached the modem. It was fine for 2 days and then they became a daily occurence (that was a big incentive to buy a router).
However I think most routers are wirelss nowadays and it may be more expensive to get one that isn't. A wireless router would simply mean you don't actually need the Airport Express.


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Sep 25, 2006

I have a similar problem. I haven't connected my macbook to anything yet, as I only just bought it.

I'm also on talk talk and we already have the speed touch modem with a PC connected to it via USB.

I'm a bit confused and new to the wireless world so please forgive the numerous stupid questions.

What's the difference between a Netgear and an ethernet ADSL modem? Is it a wifi vs ethernet thing? Are they different? Is there any reason why I shouldn't buy the belkin wireless that talk talk sell on their website?

Is it better to have a network set up with the airport express? actually I realise I don't really know what airport express does.

Finally (honest) I need to connect the PC to the broadband and its not got wireless technology, can I just connect a wireless modem to the computer with a USB cable or do I need an adaptor? Will the adaptor not slow things down for the PC?

Will be eternally grateful for any advice.



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The Netgear mentioned above is an ADSL ethernet router which also has wireless functionality. The Belkin one that you're talking about is likely similar but that price from Amazon is pretty good.

The Speedtouch freebie USB modem allows you to plug a computer into the connection. A router is basically a way to allow you to connect multiple computers to your connection - either wired (via ethernet usually) or wireless. You'd need to check whether your PC has an ethernet port or that the router you are planning on buying can connect via USB so that PC can still use it. Some companies bundle wireless routers with a wireless dongle for your PC - they can be the easiest way to go.

An airport express is a wireless router but without the ADSL modem so if you go that route you need an ethernet ADSL modem to plug into the Airport Express. Unless you want to stream your music to a stereo or do wireless printing easily, you'll be just as well sticking with a single wireless router purchase.

Once you get your wireless router, you plug it into the phone socket and then plug an ethernet cable (initial set up is usually wired) into the router and into your computer. You'll usually then go to a browser address that they'll give you ( for example which is the address of the router on your network) and enter the username/password combination that talktalk have given you in the appropriate user settings. Then you'll set up some WPA security to stop others using your signal and ta da. Then your Macbook should be able to use the signal wirelessly once you've told it to find the network and given it the WPA password you chose.


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Oct 1, 2006
Talk Talk & Airport


I have the same problem and I have waisted my time trying to use the USB modem that Talk Talk provides (SpeedTouch) through my Airport Extreme and obviously it didn't work. :mad:

Before switching to Talk Talk i was with BT. Does anyone know if I can use my old BT router (BT Voyager 205 ADSL Router) to connect my Talk Talk broadband via Airport Extreme? Do I need to install any drivers or I just have to set the network settings in the System Preferences?

I tried to get this information from Talk Talk "Help & Support" but when I mentioned the words MAC and AIRPORT, I realized that they were more confused than me!! :confused:

Thanks :eek:


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Dec 23, 2005
London, England.
Yes any normal wireless adsl modem router will work with TalkTalk Broadband. I have Talktalk broadband and its awful service, im going back to NTL Soon, but TalkTalk ADSL will work with that Netgear router