TaoTronics Elune E5 LED Desk Lamp review

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    May 3, 2011
    The LED desk lamp from TaoTronics can be best described as a desk lamp with mood settings. Included in the excellent packaging are the lamp itself, power supply, cleaning cloth and user guide.

    The first thing that strikes you is the size, the lamp section is long and slim and around 45cm long. This is fabricated mostly from aluminium with some plastic giving this a contemporary design with a solid feel. This is augmented by the heavy weight base for stability feeling very secure and planted in use while covering a diameter of 18cm.

    The power supply attaches to the rear of the base and measures approximately 1.5m long, so a good length for a desk lamp.

    The lamp folds in two sections, just above the base so you can angle it forward and in the middle of the lamp arm so you can flip this up to illuminate a larger area which protrudes up to 35cm. The lamp also swivels in the base through 180 degrees which adds more flexibility to where you can site this. The lamp head also articulates which is a new feature and just adds to the flexibility allowing rotation through 180 degrees.

    The lamp head has a blend of LED colours which allows it to output a white level to suit the mood; you can choose from Cool White, White, Natural Light, Yellow, and Warm Yellow. Control is achieved by a capacitive touch panel with buttons for power and brightness and you can simply slide your finger to select the desired brightness from one of 10 levels.

    Rounding out the package is a 1A USB socket on the bottom rear of the lamp arm offering handy access to desktop power for gadgets. In fact, the only useful feature missing from this lamp is timer to shut down after a period of time, something that is on other lamps from Taotronics.

    Using LEDs, this lamp consumes a total of up to 12W of power and offers up to 410Lm of illumination. There was no sign of any buzzing during my testing, regardless of the mode or brightness selected and lighting remained steady at all times with no flickering.

    Taotronics make a number of different products but they have really nailed it with their LED desk lamps and this is another great addition. It's a clever and elegant solution that comes very highly recommended.

    I got this from http://www.amazon.co.uk/TaoTronics®-Dimmable-Eye-Care-Adjustable-Touch-Sensitive/dp/B00VX17VWK

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    Jun 1, 2011
    Very nice, I have a similar one (Elune, not sure which version) that is black with a glossy finish. It has 4 modes (with 4 brightness options each) and a timer as well. I think they're very solid lamps.
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    Yes, I know the one. The timer is a handy feature and it's a shame it's missing from this one.
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    Oct 7, 2015
    It has 4 modes (with 4 brightness options each) and a timer as well. I think they're very solid lamps.

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