Tap Play Star Controller: Fully customisable game controller released

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    Tap Play: Star Controller is the newest release of the popular Tap Play: MMO Controller, providing a huge free content update to the already unique games controller for iOS devices.

    This new version (4.0) brings with it a huge new level of key customisation, instead of being pre-tired to existing key binds you can now edit any button in the app to send your choice of key press to the computer. With 105 buttons to use, and 272 combinations for each button the possibilities are almost endless and we’re sure this will satisfy the biggest control freak out there!

    Open the app, tap the edit button and then the button you wish to change, select a modifier key (Ctrl, Alt/Option, Shift or none) and then the button you wish to use with them, turn edit off and play away. It’s really as simple as that.

    Here’s some of the reviews we’ve received on Tap Play so far:

    “ This is an excellent idea and the app works remarkably!” - Captainflores

    “World of Warcraft is so much easier with this. I can open my bags, see character details, cast all my spells and target different enemies all from the App...a bargain at £5.99.” - Scott

    “If your thinks about this app and looking at the price, just go for it the fun it has given me is so cool.” - Danwar3d

    “This app is perfect for star trek online. Since it allows me to only hit one button fora command instead of two, its speeds things up a bit. Plus bei g a touch screen, it kinda feels like I'm actually using a console onboard a ship in star trek.” - Serpent042

    But why take our word for it? Check it out for yourself - if you already own Tap Play this is a free update, if not pop on the App Store and download it now.

    Tap Play: Star Controller is available on the App Store from today, priced at $9.99/£5.99

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