Tapatalk-like application for reading forums


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Jul 13, 2008
Is there an application that works well for aggregating and reading forum posts, like MacRumor? I've used Tapatalk on iOS, but it doesn't work with all forums. RSS is usable, but doesn't have functions like subscribing to threads. I'm really looking for something more like what I used to use with Usenet (sorry).


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Mar 8, 2012
an application that works well for aggregating and reading forum posts
Don't think there is an will never be.
TapaTalk works, but only because forum owners modify the forum system (VB in the case of MacRumors, don't know if TapaTalk works with PhpBB or IPB), hence the support is real low.
Even if they boast on supporting a lot of forums, go figure, of all the forums I visit on a regular basis, only MacRumors works with TT.

Now, regardless of the platform, the problem is always going to be in that, even if there are basically three major players (VB, PhpBB, IPB), forums are always on different versions, with different features (not that we ask for anything fancy, I know; simple reading, quoting, replying and posting, and maybe PMs is enough) and most of all, with lots of tweaks, on different versions (even customized tweaks as well).
So it makes it hard to make an application that can do the basic thing one would do in order to make a forum reader that wouldn't require installation at the forum system level: parse HTML.


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Oct 14, 2013
Blackburn, England
Well I know this is somewhat 2 years down the line.

However to quote a MOD from Tapatalk

It's unavailable yet. The plan is to make it available in the Mac App Store, in the coming weeks. You can subscribe to availability announcements in the website
Now i see they have a windows up & running & still see nothing for us Mac users......

Though i have heard it's been taken back up again this year, so fingers crossed.