Tape to DVD - Out of sync after 1hr 10min?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by user1690, Dec 1, 2015.

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    Greetings all!

    So, im trying to transfer some tapes to DVD, or even file format (MP4 etc) however no matter what i do, what software i use, the DVD or file created, as soon as 1hr 10mins is reached the audio slowly starts going out of sync. The raw file however (.dv) stored by whatever software im using (Whether its iMovie or Final cut etc) is in sync however those files reach about 80GB per file and thats just not do-able for me.

    My setup is as follows:

    Mini DV Deck hooked into Mac Pro via Firewire

    Video8/Hi8 and VHS Combo hooked into Line-2 input of Mini DV Deck

    Heres what happens:

    1hr 10mins into exported movie: Audio is now 1s out of sync with video

    1hr 20mins into exported movie: Audio is now 3s out of sync with video

    1hr 30mins into exported movie: Audio is now 5s out of sync with video

    and it then remains 5s out of sync for the rest of the movie.

    Why is this happening? Im assuming its a codec issue since its happening with whatever software i use (Have tried iMovie, Final Cut Pro 7 (Final Cut Pro X is a piece of... wont even handle .dv without choking and crashing), iSkysoft iMedia converter) and i assume whilst the softwares are different, the codec isnt. Best i can tell is the codec is H264 or something?

    I also havent been changing any settings or anything in any software, i leave it all at its defaults as they seem to work best, at least until 1hr 10mins of movie is reached.

    A way around it would be to do 1hr at a time and then have seperate files, or seperate DVDs/etc but thats not what i want.

    If anyone can provide any insight into what the heck is going on and why i'd be most appreciative.
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    Dec 1, 2015
    What exactly are your input and output settings? If you are importing at 29.97 fps and exporting at 30 or 60 fps, that could be your problem. Also, the problem could be how you are importing. A 30 minute standard definition video should be just over 4 gigs, so 2 hours would only be over 16 gigs. You are importing at too high quality, and that might be your problem.
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    By tapes do you mean VHS or DV/MiniDV?

    If it's VHS you're going to need a TBC (Time Base Corrector) somewhere in your capture workflow most likely.

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