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Dec 9, 2001
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OK, I've made a 'tar and animated it, using GifBuilder, since I don't have ImageReady. Problems abound. The worst however is the color. To put it mildly, it's a good candidate for the 'tarred and feathered award right now. A lesser problem is that I cannot get the background to be transparent, though I am hopeful that this will correct itself when I get the colors working. Any help on either of these issues would be appreciated. For reference, I have nothing more advanced than the equivalent of Photoshop 3, specifically Adobe PhotoDeluxe 2.0, with all the standard photoshop options on.

Note: I'm attaching the 'tar so far, so you get the idea of how bad it is now.

Edit: for some reason, it works better when GifBuilder is closed. :confused: so transparency MAY (not sure) be the only issue.

My 'tar so far:



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Dec 29, 2001
the animation is way to fast
just an idea how about you make one of apple history
like from the first mac to the new imac....not evey mac but just the major ones
that would be cool


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Jan 9, 2002
Ha ha haaa!
Well for something that contains that many frames, you might not be able to use all the colors you want without going over the 20K limit. But somewhere in one of the GifBuilder menus, if I remember correctly, there's a place to set your color palette. Set it to "best", and that should help.

Mr. Anderson

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Nov 1, 2001
The best way to get the color map to work with GifBuilder is to make a file in photoshop or what ever you use that has all the colors in all the frames (put all the frames next to each other or in a grid on a larger image). Then optimize that image for 256 colors and save it as a gif. Load that file in as the colormap and Voila! you've got you're optimized color map for your animated gif.