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    Nov 17, 2008
    I've got a macbook (intel 2008 running Snow Leopard). It has been taking about 10 minutes to boot (stuck on blue screen) for about a month now. I took it to genius and they said it had a broken logic board. It does boot eventually, and works fine when it does.

    Instead of fixing the logic board, I bought an iMac (running Lion) to replace it. I'm trying to transfer files using target disk mode (firewire 400 on the macbook to 800 on the iMac).

    When booting using T, the macbook enters TD mode fine, the firewire logo comes up, but nothing happens on my mac. Nothing under devices in finder or on the desktop.

    Don't know if there is an issue with using FW400 to FW800? If so, is there a get around? Or is it just that my macbook is screwed?
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    Feb 9, 2010
    You could also try taking the HDD out of the MacBook and putting it in an enclosure and then connecting the enclosure to the iMac. MacBook repair Guide
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    Nov 17, 2008
    Going to cheekily bump this month old thread to see if anyone has any info
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    Idea 1:
    If your macbook will boot (even if it takes a while), use it to move files to your new iMac in Target Disk mode instead.

    Idea 2:
    Try what Stev3 suggested about moving the HDD to an external drive casing and connecting it to the iMac that way.

    Idea 3:
    If you macbook will boot (even if it takes a while), use it to move files over the network.

    Idea 4: Maybe should be Idea 1, but...when you start macbook in TD mode, open disk utility and see if you see it there. If it's there but grey, you may need to mount it manually. Just be careful. If it doesn't auto-mount, the drive may be corrupted, and it sounds like something I've seen before. Definitely try to at least get a good backup of your important data, and then re-intall OS X.

    The drive corruption happened to my GFs iMac, and I had to re-install, then it quit taking so long to boot...just like it was when I bought it for her. If the drive is corrupted, never trust it...and seriously consider getting a new one asap.
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    Why on earth I didn't think to use the network I have no idea! Thank you. Managed to access it over the network so that makes things easier.

    Once I get a spare £400 then I'll get Apple to fix the logic board and hopefully that'll fix the slow booting. If not then I'll get my £400 back and I'll wait until I have a spare £1000 to buy a new macbook pro!

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