Target Display and background tasks?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by roland.g, Jul 22, 2011.

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    I will be getting a new 2011 Thunderbolt equipped iMac shortly. I would like to get my wife a 13" MacBook Air, also with Thunderbolt. She will be using BootCamp on it to run Windows 7 and I confirmed through Apple that just like under OS X, you can simply plug the Thunderbolt cable that it already plugged into the iMac into the MacBook Air while Windows is running and it will recognize it and switch to Target Display mode.

    My question, if anyone knows, is whether the iMac (which I understand can be flip flopped between Target Display mode and Normal mode with a Command-F2 combo on it's own keyboard), will be accessible for background tasks.

    There reason I ask this is that the iMac is always running with iTunes running and a 2TB external FW drive connected. I would assume that since the OS is still up and it is simply routing the MBA display to it's screen, that all other aspects of the OS are still live and our kids could still stream a movie from the iMac's media drive via iTunes to our networked Apple TV2.

    Anyone know?
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    Check out Screen Sharing viaMac OS X Lion Features.

    I think as long as it was already running it'll still run in the background, and be able to share screen when needed.

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