Target Mode w/ Broken Screen

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by msharpmu, Jan 30, 2008.

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    Wow, is this perfect timing...

    So this past weekend I was getting out of my chair and stepped on my wifes old ibook. The screen cracked and now I can't see crap. I have a firewire to firewire chord so I hooked her broke computer into my macbook pro. I then started the ibook in "target mode". I then created 2 users on my macbook pro. I want her to be able to access all her stuff from her "user". I can scan through her files with ease but I do not know which ones to copy. I originally did a mass transfer of her harddrive but that seemed a bit much. After transferring her "iphoto library" program, I opened it up and my pictures opened, not hers. I want to transfer her documents, music, and most importantly pictures. Can anyone help? Has anyone done this before?
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    with the iBook in target disk mode and mounted, go to your disk utilities (applications folder) and select the "migration assisstant". you can migrate her old home foilder to your system. When she logs into her new account on your computer, it will be the same as her old one, provided all her files were in her home folder rather than dispersed elsewhere in the system.

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