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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by ericg301, Mar 24, 2016.

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    I'm curious on this as well. I'm about to buy a sport watch from them and will either get their wearables protection plan or applecare. Anyone have experience with using targets warranty ?

    Their plan
    Target 2-Year Wearables Protection Plan w/ Accidental Damage Coverage ($200-$300)
    • Contract Delivery: Email
    • Benefits: no additional cost, 24/7 support, no deductible, free 2-way shipping
    • Support: Phone, online
    • Coverage: electrical defects, mechanical defects, cracked screens, failures due to spills, failures due to drops, Accidental damage from handling coverage, Surge Protection, Normal Wear and Tear Coverage;
    • Covers Items Priced Between: 200.000- 299.990
    • Number of Years Protected: 2 years
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    I guess the question is, is there a max limit on replacements you can get, especially with no deductible. Applecare+ on the sport has a $69 deductible and you can only use it twice.

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