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    I'm really not all there today, I'm having a lot of chest pain and left side weakness. So, I can't really focus/concentrate. But, that's not what this thread is about. I got a Target 5% for purchasing 5 prescriptions. Now, I already have a Target Debit Card (RedCard) that gives me a 5% every time I use it. This extra coupon doesn't seem to be a one transaction deal. I'm reading the back and it seems like as soon as you use it, you can keep using it that day, but after that, you can't anymore. I was also thinking you can start using then it stops working until it expires (1/16/12). I'm pretty sure it's the former, but I just want to make sure. I want to make the 10% count and have a good purchase.

    Here is the back of the card:
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    Watch those symptoms... could be indigestion, anxiety, heart problems, etc... your Target pharmacist might know if your meds could cause those symptoms.

    When you use your 5% + 5% combined discounts for the new tv, iPad, xbox..., be sure you take manufacturers coupons for any food, toiletries, etc items you buy that day-- super stack those savings...

    Its ONE day for the extra discount. See bottom of the redcard benefits page for exclusion details...
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    This. ^^^

    Seasonal anxiety hits some people like a sucker punch.

    I have been there. Not pleasant. But I'm much better now. ;)

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