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    I went to Target's website yesterday thinking I might order something and was met with a trust certificate warning. I was on my Macbook pro retina running 10.11.5 using Safari (up to date). Saw the message below when trying to access the home page. Not savvy about this kind of stuff and was surprised to find this pop up on a large retailer's site. We were caught up in Target's massive hacking a while back, know they were trying to recover public trust and beef up security and so found this especially surprising. Could not find anyway to contact corporate to ask about the website security, and even the local store I called had no way of telling customers how to contact them. They just said "well use it or don't". Comments? Should I not be using their website essentially?


    Oops just realized should have posted under OS but can add got a similar trust certificate message when on my iPP. Here's a few screen shots from that on my iPad (I have additional screen captures):

    image.png image.png
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    You should be going to rather than If you buy something you will be redirected to There's nothing suspicious about the site, although ideally should be directed to the proper site. It's a misconfiguration on their end.
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    Thanks for the info and noticed the difference in the URLs. Placed my order and saw the secure url text and the lock during that process.

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