Task performance with F@H running


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Jun 6, 2003
Solon, OH
Has anyone else noticed what I have - namely that on a Mac, running Folding@Home doesn't have a significant impact on the speed of any other tasks you might be running; on Windows, there's a noticable slowdown on other things running alongside F@H.

As an example, I'll use converting a file to WAV in iTunes.
Mac, without F@H: 55x
Mac, with F@H: 55x
Windows, without F@H: 63x
Windows, with F@H: 43x

I believe the reason this occurs is due to differences in the design of the priority system on Mac OS X compared to the same system in Windows.

Can anyone back this up with further evidence?


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Jun 18, 2003
I'm stating common knowledge, but Windows has always suffered terribly at multi-tasking, compared to Unix variants, but that's also why Windows does better as a gaming platform. You *can* tweak the foreground/background priority on Windows; on Unix variants, you don't have to (although you can, as well). Windows is a dime store OS, whadayawant?

Edit: I meant to add, newer Linux kernels tend to do better at Folding than Panther, by a couple of percent.
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