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    Taskmator ( Taskmator == Next-Generation of critically-acclaimed, award-winning app called TaskPaper for iOS 8 & 7) takes full advantage of the latest iOS 8 technologies, gives you speedy, powerful tools that let you more productive. You'll get started in no time, entering and organizing your tasks, notes, or projects. Once your notes/tasks/projects are ready, access them anywhere with dropbox, send them to Pages, Microsoft Word, or Evernote, email, print, share, archive them - all right from Taskmator.

    •Next Generation of TaskPaper for iOS 8
    •Each element of UI (User Interface) is built for iOS 8
    •Paper-like user experience
    •Type your lists into Taskmator and each line is formatted into a Project, Task, or Note
    •Distraction-free writing
    •Support outlining, planning, scheduling
    •Powerful search and filtering using live search method
    •Untethered sync to Dropbox.com
    •Full support of third party app TextExpander Touch (latest 3.0 SDK integration)
    •Organize notes, tasks, or projects by tags
    •Customize secondary keyboard keys, themes, fonts, icons, tags, file extension to create your own environment
    •Review all your projects to keep them up-to-date and make sure nothing slips through the cracks
    •Support sub-folders, sub-notes, sub-tasks
    •Support additional actions (for each list or a group of lists) like Print (Air Print), Email, Archive, Move To…, Cut, Copy, Paste, etc.
    •Sort notes, projects, tasks into Name, Date Created, Date Modified, etc.
    •Support autocorrection
    •AirDrop feature support
    •Open In...feature support
    •Word count, characters count, Paragraph count
    •Passcode protection in start-up screen
    •Support Badge Number, Draggable Scroller, ALL-CAPS Headings
    •and Many More....

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