Tax Free Week

Chef Medeski

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Jun 14, 2005
New York, NY
Yeah, in florida, you can't spend over $10 on a school supply without it being taxes, can't spend more than $50 on clothes without it being taxed, and I don't know about computers. Personally I got a grand total bill of $2,000 on my iPod Mini (Free), HP Printer (Free), 12" PowerBook($1,400 without rebates), and my backup battery, and part of that was $125 in taxes. So, I guess not. :(


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We have a "tax holiday" weekend in Massachusetts coming up 13-14 August. I'm 99% certain to finally buy an iMac + iPod mini (which I neither need nor want, but hey--there's a rebate) using my wife's education discount. Hopefully the Apple Store in Cambridge will give us the ed. discount. If they offer the education pricing on the 250 GB LaCie HD (FW+USB), I may just walk away with that as well. Holy shopping, Bat Man!

I'd prefer to buy all this in the retail store for instant gratification + easier returns/ exchange (knock-on-wood I don't need any) but I'll buy online if I have to. And yes, I could order through Amazon or somewhere similar, but I'd have to pay shipping, wouldn't get the educational discount, and would be ever-so-slightly paranoid about "the man" somehow finding out I didn't pay taxes on about $1800 of goods (quite unlikely, I know).


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Nov 19, 2004
mbdamdg said:
we have one here in Missouri this weekend. Clothes, Computers up to $3500, and some other stuff are all tax free :)
I hope I get enough money by Sunday! My birthday is tomorrow and I only have $160, soon to be $140, to go and I think my parents are giving me $100! Wish me luck!
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