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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by dimme, Apr 3, 2013.

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    I have a D70 and a few Nikon lenes, 18-35 ED-IF, 24-105D 80-210D, 50mmMF, 35MF 55microMF, 135MF. As you can see my lenes are older style but still work rather well on the D70. Although the manual focus lenes do not meter, I use them mainly on a tripod for landscapes so a external meter or digital Polaroid via the lcd screen works well. I love the sharpness & contrast I get with the manual focus lenes. I spent years as a darkroom printer and printed for some top pros so I really appreciate good quality lenes, however I do not have unlimited funds.
    I have about $500-$600 to spend.
    I feel my weakest lens are the 18-35 because it just does not go wide enough, and the 80-210 because the auto focus is slow (goes all the way in and out when focusing). I have some funds to be able to add to my collection and I am leaning to the 70-300mm VR. I am wondering if I will notice a big difference in the extra 100mm and hopefully better focus. My other thought is the Nikon 16-85 DX to give me a wider reach. However I dream of moving to a FX body in the future so I an hesitant to get a DX lens.
    Any thoughts or suggestions.
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    Some how I doubt a lack of lenses is seriously holding you back. You might even want to sell off a few of them or trade up. I good way to see what you need is to search your photo library. Maybe you use Aperture or something like it. Look to see if you typically shoot "at some limit" For example do you use the 18-55 all the way to 18mm frequently. If you do notice lots of images right at 18 that means you likely could use a wider lens. Like wise if the 80-210 is used at 210 a lot then yes get a 300. But if the 80-210 is mostly used at 100mm then you woud never use the 300.

    In other words if you current lens is not being pushed to a limit, don't replace it. Same for f-stop. If you never open the lens even to f/5.6 and mostly shoot at f/8 or f/11 then don't waste money on the f/2.8 lens. But if you do shoot wide open all the time, then pay for the extra few stops.

    The logic is that if you turned some control until it reached a limit then you likely would have turned it more. But if you did not reach the limit why pay for more range?

    You likely have thousands of photos in your library, do so searches and look at statistics.

    That said i'd,

    1) sell the 18-55 and buy a used current model 18-55 "VR" lens. You can use it hand held. Net cost is maybe $40 and it's a huge upgrade.

    2) That 18-210 is a "dog" it is big and heavy and slow. Sell it for about $80 and get the better 18-300. then get rid of the 24-105 too as it will be redundant.

    3) wait until you own an FX body to buy an FX lens.

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