TB 13" Macbook Pro w/5k and 2nd display

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by klaxamazoo, Nov 27, 2016.

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    I haven't managed to find a thread addressing this question. I currently using a 27" retina iMac with an old 30" Apple cinema display as a 2nd monitor (2560x1600). I've been thinking about replacing this setup with a 13 touch bar macbook pro with a 5k display and wanted to know if I could still run a second display if I put the macbook in clamshell mode?

    Has anyone body tried this? I'd want to maintain 60 Hz frame rates.

    Most of my computer work is writing papers, proposals, and examining data and I've come to love lots of screen real estate.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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    Without getting into the other things you brought up, I'm finding the stories about just getting the MBP working with a 30" ACD to be really challenging. The only positive story I've gotten is with the help desk of OWC that makes the OWC MacbookPro Dock that has a Mini DisplayPort in it. They said it would be able to drive a 30" ACD, but that's not out until February so nobody knows for sure.
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    No can do. 5k display is actualy made of two Display Port 1.2 streams. That means that you are actualy using all three streams 13" MBP can handle (MBP display counts against that number). You could get 2x4k screens and they will work fine, but not 5k.
    15" MBP is a different story. It can handle 6 streams, meaning you could add 2x5k screens and still have enough space left for one additional 4k screen. All thanks to the AMD GPU.

    Edit: More info here: 2016 MBP's support dual 5k displays

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