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    I went and got a AE (airport express) this weekend to hook into my stereo that is on the first floor of my home. I actually called Apple to walk me through the set up to ensure I did not goof it up. All was set up and working very well as far as the sound coming out of the stereo. My question becomes the signal with the wifi and my iPhone. Before adding AE I would easily get 3 or 4 wifi bars on my phone pretty much all around the house and even outside. I figured adding the AE it would be improved or stay the same, and was hoping a little better reach out further on to my deck (about 15-25 feet from AE) . It seems however just the oposite. I am now getting only 2 or 3 bars wifi in the same room as the AE downstairs. Correct me if I am wrong but should that not be the case? The TC is on floor up and about 18 feet away from the AE. Wood framed house and no micro wave or anything I think would cause interferance between the two. I have had some issues with the iPhone and wifi jumping in and out here and ther but thought I would ask here before jumping to conclusions. I do have the TC set to extend this network incase wondering. Also using a PC for the itunes.
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    Try removing the AE and see if the WiFi increases or decreases.

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