TC WAN port as LAN port?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Killerbob, Mar 1, 2012.

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    I have begun to entirely reconfigure my network, and I end up with few questions. I'll try to explain the setup:

    I have an ISP Router, an older AirPort Extreme, a new Time Capsule, a GigaSwitch, and a bunch of computers and NASes.

    1) The ISP Router is connected to the WAN port on the APE, which acts as DHCP and NAT router. The APE also broadcasts my WiFi network in 2.4GHz.
    2) I have an Ethernet cable wired to the other end of the house, connected to a LAN port on the APE, and a LAN port on the TC (running in Bridge Mode).
    3) To the TC is connected a GigaSwitch via a LAN port. The GigaSwitch is the connection point to the computers.
    4) Also connected to the TC is my main NAS, via a LAN port.
    5) The TC is also acting as a WiFi station, broadcasting my network in 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

    I have just purchased another NAS for backup purposes, and I wonder if I can connect it to the WAN port on the TC? I believe it will make backing up NAS -> NAS faster, and then this should not affect the remaining network?

    Also, is it a problem that I will broadcast the same SSID via 2.4GHz from two stations, as well as 5GHz?


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    Just to let you know, your TC will work in bridge mode if it's connected to your AEBS through the TC's WAN port. Then you can use the freed up LAN port for your new NAS.

    I'm running my TC this way (in bridge mode connected to my AEBS) and using all of its LAN ports for hardwired clients.

    The way you suggest (NAS connected to the TC's WAN port) will probably (read highly likely, I haven't tested this) work as I believe TC/AEBS have auto switching WAN/LAN ports. That said, I prefer to to use the WAN port for upstream connections and LAN ports for clients.

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